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Join two friends as they find work across the American west in search of new friends, epic landscapes, and compelling stories

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“I like to tell people I’m just a simple farmer.” I smile, “But Adam, you seem to have so many complex and interesting thoughts.” He reflects my smile and looks up towards the horizon. He stares intently at the mountains a hundred miles away in Mexico. “Complex thoughts don’t really matter in the long run, Jake. When you think about it, our human experience boils down to sunshine, cool breezes, and love…” he pauses with a snicker, “and of course love making.”

Full of quirky jokes, honesty, and awareness, the 41 year-old seems to have found what makes him happy. He doesn’t live an easy or comfortable life by modern society’s standards. Most people would chose to spend their workday with co-workers in the air conditioning in front of a keyboard over ten hour days in the west Texas sun laboring over a vineyard. But Adam isn’t most people.

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He resides in a two story “barn” that oversees the vineyard and the vast landscapes of Jeff Davis County. A lap steel guitar, “funky” bass, and a twenty-year old drum set make-up a homemade recording studio in the cluttered gar...

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