Shift West

About Us


Growing up, it seemed Barron was always climbing. Half way up a tree, scaffolding, or fire-escape, he’d look back at the rest of us on the ground with that grin that said, ”You know you wanna.” He climbs in pursuit of new horizons, or maybe he just climbs because he loves it. Ironically, Barron was also the first jump off things. Heights, freezing water, or the potential for broken bones never seemed to bother him. I always felt comfortable following Barron into the most absurd adventures, because he always knew (or convinced us he knew) what to do next. With Barron, there was always a way out, or in, or wherever we wanted to go. He’s taught me how to take things in, lose myself in moments, and pursue a life of purpose and inspiration. Of all the stars in the cosmos, Barron is the one racing for the horizon.


The best word for Jake is “untamed.” He storms mountains when the rest of the crew is ill with altitude. His strong stature is juxtaposed against the soft melodies he plays on the guitar. When he’s concentrating, his gaze will fixate on something unseen, searching deep inside. When he finds it - or is discovered searching - he returns to this world with a goofy grin and squinty eyes. Jacob holds me accountable for being true to myself - he reminds me about the sacred things in life: morning coffee, talk of special girls, and the entertainment of all ideas. When we met playing B-team basketball in 7th grade, I thought we were completely different people. Turns out he’s the right dose of different to help me see the world in an ever changing way.



Shift West is the manifestation of our dream. We are harnessing this season of absolute freedom to launch west with the wind in our face, working by the sweat of our brow and performing our most passionate skills to put food in our bellies and gas in our tanks. We are accepting the western invitation to meet people and share their stories - to confront the grandeur of the American wilderness. We’re out here to discover what we can, let it fill our souls, and communicate our experiences to you.